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History of Science Orientation

History of Science Online

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LibraryThing: Orientation Orientation HSCI 3013 section 995, Spring 2014

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You are nearly finished with your Confluence activation! After completing the Confluence, Part I instructions, you already have a free global account at Confluence. Now you will obtain access to our private Confluence community that is only for members of this class. You will need to complete ALL of the following steps. Print this page for reference, and check off each step as you proceed!

1. Request membership in the class discussion board. After you have joined and logged in to Confluence you have not yet been admitted to the Confluence community for this course, with our own private discussion boards. To request membership in our class discussion boards, go back to any page in the course website (such as this page). Then click the link to Confluence at the top of the page (you will find this link on the top of every page in this course website).

Once you click one of our direct links to Confluence you will encounter a screen that looks something like this:

Yuku apply for membership screenshot

2. In the comments field (where you can "enter your message to the board administrator"), tell me your real name. If I don't know your real name, I won't be able to make sure that you are a member of this class! I can't approve your admission into the class Confluence discussion board unless I can connect your nickname to your real name. Of course, a lot of people use a nickname based on their real name -- but some people go wild with this nickname thing! Just remember that this is how you will be known to your fellow classmates for the rest of the semester... :-)

3. Apply for membership. Because this forum is closed to the general public, you will need to click the Apply for Membership button. This does not cost anything! It just means you are applying for admission into the Confluence community for our class. When you click this button, Confluence will send your nickname to me for approval. You will see a screen saying "You have not been approved." But don't worry; your membership is pending, and as soon as I receive it, I will approve it. Sometimes it may take an hour or so for Confluence to send your nickname on to me for approval. But throughout the first week of class I will be reviewing and approving these applications as quickly as I can. Confluence will send you a confirmation email after I have given you approval to access the Confluence community.

4. Go back and browse the course website for an hour or so while you wait for your membership in the class discussion board to be approved. After about an hour, click any Confluence link at the top of a course webpage. If you are still not allowed in within a few hours, send me an email and be sure to include your real name and your Confluence nickname.

After completing the steps above, whenever you click on the link to our Confluence discussion board for this class, you will be taken straight into the discussion board! On the other hand, if you have logged out or moved your laptop to a new location, you will need to log in first.

5. Write your first Confluence post by introducing yourself to other students!

Please write a few sentences about yourself to help everyone else remember who you are. Think of something that is unique about you, that no one else would guess. The more unique it is, the sooner your classmates will know who you are! Here's how to make your first post:

  1. At the Confluence discussion board, find the forum entitled "Who are we? Please post a few sentences to introduce yourself..." That forum title is a link. Click it to enter the forum.
  2. Once you are within the forum, you can see the posts already made by other students in the "Topics" column. Click the button "New Topic."
  3. Enter your name in the "Title" field (see screenshot below).
  4. Write your personal introduction in the Comment field about your hobbies, interests, experiences and dreams!
  5. Click "Subscribe to this topic" if you want to be notified by email when someone replies to your post.
  6. Click the "Post" button.

Yuku sample post screenshot

Over the next few days, take a few minutes to go back and read the introductions of your classmates, too, since you'll get to know them well in your conversations at Confluence. They may also leave comments for you to read or questions for you to reply to.

Also be sure to check out the specific features of Confluence described on this Confluence page which contains links to lots of step-by-step tutorials.

Whew! That's it! You're done! Congratulations!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
Albert Einstein.
"What I believe," in Forum (Oct 1930).

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HSCI 3013. History of Science to 17th centuryCreative Commons license
Kerry Magruder, Instructor, 2004
Brent Purkaple, TA

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Many thanks to the pedagogical model developed in Mythology and Folklore and other online courses by Laura Gibbs, which have been an inspiration for this course.

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