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History of Science Course Syllabus - Flat Earth woodcut

History of Science Online

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LibraryThing: OU History of Science Collections HSCI 3013 - section 995 - Spring 2014

Is this course for you?

History of Science Online will be a lot of work (reading and writing) and also a lot of fun. Check out the Weekly Assignments to get an idea of what the weekly assignments will include.

Do you have time to read? Most students considering an online course will underestimate the amount of time they would need to devote to a course like this one. For example, if you are thinking right now, "I don't really have time to read all this blah blah blah," then History of Science Online is probably not the right course for you!

To make sure this course is something you really want to do, read this now:
Top Ten list of things you should know about this course

Still not sure? Much of the pedagogical structure of this course is modeled after the Mythology and Folklore online courses offered for several years by OU Professor Laura Gibbs. Although that course and this one differ in subject matter, because of the similar course structure and assignments, an Online Learning Assessment created by Laura Gibbs for that course might also help you decide if this sort of online class is right for you. I urge you to complete this assessment right now.


"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." Derek Bok, Professor of Law, Harvard University President Emeritus

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HSCI 3013. History of Science to 17th centuryCreative Commons license
Kerry Magruder, Instructor, 2004
Brent Purkaple, TA

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Many thanks to the pedagogical model developed in Mythology and Folklore and other online courses by Laura Gibbs, which have been an inspiration for this course.

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