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History of Science Course Syllabus - Flat Earth woodcut

History of Science Online

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LibraryThing: OU History of Science Collections HSCI 3013 - section 995 - Spring 2014

Media formats and troubleshooting tips

When you have assigned content that is online instead of in the textbook, these readings are sometimes available in multiple formats:

  1. QuickTime Video (requires broadband)
  2. Exhibits Online: Browsing text in web pages with thumbnail images (dial-up)
  3. Downloadable mp3 audio (for review)

Of course, no one needs to buy an iPod just for this course! (Despite the innovative policy of Duke University, which hands out free iPods to students in certain courses.) And broadband access is not required (though it is recommended). The text plus images in the Exhibits Online website are the most common way students will access online content for this course, and this option is always sufficient. The other options are purely optional; just meant to offer you some flexibility, and I hope they will be useful to some of you. (If so, please let me know. Thanks!)

Recommendation: When all three formats are available, if you have broadband access, I would recommend watching the video first, in order to gain a general sense of the material. Because the video version conveys the images and the description of the images simultaneously, the video presents the material faster and more efficiently than reading the text first and then cross-referencing text and related images. The audio version is the soundtrack of the video, identical to the video except for lack of images. You can download the audio onto an iPod or mp3 player. To review before taking the quiz, after watching video or listening to audio, then go to the text version on Exhibits Online as needed to answer the questions for the assignment and fill in any gaps that did not seem particularly clear from the video. The text version may often contain a few extra explanations, additional source quotations, and/or documentation in footnotes. The questions listed on the assignment page and used for the quiz can always be answered using the video or audio version alone; they do not depend on any supplementary material in the text version.

Comments or questions about some of the media formats? Email me.

Do you have a great quote for this page? Let me know! (If used, a new quote is worth 1 point extra credit)

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HSCI 3013. History of Science to 17th centuryCreative Commons license
Kerry Magruder, Instructor, 2004
Brent Purkaple, TA

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Many thanks to the pedagogical model developed in Mythology and Folklore and other online courses by Laura Gibbs, which have been an inspiration for this course.

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